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Surviving Back to School Season - Healthy Tips

Alicia Underwood


The Coconut Kitchen Tribe knows all about carpools, soccer games, recitals, and the snacks that go in between. Balancing “Back to School” season, and the day to day tasks of parenthood while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy- but it’s possible. Let’s go ahead and say that again for the folks in the back.

Making your family’s health a priority is possible- and it doesn’t have to take up all of your spare time. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite healthy living tips for surviving back to school season.


The idea of meal prepping can be daunting for many. Buying bulk groceries, hours of cooking, sorting, planning, measuring, storing… it feels like you’re staring at the peak of the mountain from the valley below. But, we assure you, with the right list and organization meal prep can save you loads of time throughout the week. Make a batch of flavorful soup that you can enjoy throughout the week and a handful of easy homemade snacks. Taking the time to prep ahead can keep you from hitting the drive thru on the way to your next errand.


It might be tempting to take your child to every after-school event; signing them up for flute lessons, swimming, scouts, science club, plays and camp will lead to burn out for you both! Instead focus on a few of their favorites and plan accordingly - when one sport ends three more opportunities will begin. We love making a batch of Coconut Butter Energy Bars for throwing in lunch bags and keeping in our purse throughout the week. Bonus: they’re made with your glycemic index in mind - so you don’t feel a surge of sugar after you eat them!


Make time for downtime. It can be hard to gather everyone at the same time for a meal every day but growing families need time together. Plan one special weekly event and let everyone take turns choosing the special time’s activity. You can enjoy quality time together right in your backyard. Plan a “camp out” outdoors, schedule family game night, or make time for everyone to get together and watch a classic movie. Get moving together! Taking nature walks, hikes, and bike rides together is a healthy way to spend time together. [Plus enjoying exercise together frees up more time later when you’d normally be hitting the treadmill.]


More and more research is showing the benefits of limiting screen time for you - and your kiddos! Does your family have a rule about screen time? We love chore charts that have been implemented to “earn” screen time or wifi passwords and having “screen-free zones” in your home [like the kitchen table!]

Whether you’ve got a Kindergartener that has been anxiously anticipating their first day, or you’re a seasoned survivor with a Senior in highschool - you’ve got this, Mom and Dad. Share what’s working for your family with us in the comments.