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Angie's Pantry

Alicia Underwood

Yes, we’re passionate about the delicious range of coconut butters we create!  We’ve learned that a life of true satisfaction is about more than just the food we eat. It is about our relationships and what we can learn from one another, what we do to help others and the way we think and perceive the world and others. We gain strength by surrounding ourselves with others who share similar beliefs are on the same journey, which is why we feel so fortunate to be building a Tribe of like-minded people who want to share this journey with us.

Angie’s Pantry is stocked full of food for your mind, body, and soul.


Angie’s Pantry was created to be a place to share things that inspire us. We’ll talk about the inspirational reads from trail-blazing thought leaders, the foods we love and the products that make our lives a little easier.  

This month’s pantry picks…

Kind’s Roasted Jalapeno Bars

For our first pantry selection - we’re sharing what we’ve been craving most (beyond the butter- of course). A healthful on-the-go treat that’s savory and oh, so yummy! You can find these bars in the pantry - and in Angie’s purse, her car and desk drawer, too!

We like to keep sugar at the minimum here so it’s no wonder why Angie loves these!

In Angie’s words:

“I love to keep bars on hand for those times when I’m starving and need something to eat fast but most bars are loaded with sugar. I have been living Keto-esque since 2013 and its difficult to find ready to eat snacks that aren’t full of a lot of junk.  These bars are a staple in my pantry because they are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and they only have 6g of sugar per bar!”

Yes, this snack suggestion is certainly craveable - but what about food for your soul? We’ve got you covered with our cupboard!

The Power of Positivity

In Angie’s words:

"I stumbled upon the Power of Positivity when I was going through a particularly difficult situation personally that seemed to have no end. I was trying to stay on the high road and it felt like I was getting beaten down over and over and doing the right thing was not panning out. Adding the Power of Positivity became my morning ritual. Their daily newsletter (the ONLY one I subscribe to) has given me some great insights (or at least things to consider) about life & relationships and addresses a whole variety of topics that are both educational and inspiring. It’s easy and fun to read and keeps me pushing forward on my journey to living a life that I can be proud of."


So, what’s in your pantry, friends? We want to know what you’re currently living for! In the digital world that we live in it’s a blessing that we can share so freely with one another. We look forward to learning from each other, encouraging our friends in the Coconut Kitchen Tribe, and savoring every last delicious morsel.