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Angie's Pantry: Fall Edition

Alicia Underwood


There’s a chill in the air today in St. Louis and the trees are starting to burst into bright oranges, reds, and yellows - what better time than now to share new Angie’s Pantry Picks with everyone in the Coconut Kitchen Tribe! Angie’s opened the pantry door wide to share some of her most favorite finds this fall.

Here’s a selection of nutrient-rich foods to nourish the body, and a great read for the mind and soul.

Balance Superfood Shots

Life is so busy these days with two teenage boys and all their activities so we’re eating on the go more than I care to admit, which makes it difficult to get all the fruits and veggies my growing boy-men need. These Balance shots are a life-saver! Loaded with organic superfoods, you get ½ serving of fruits & veggies in every shot. They’re delicious and easy and give me peace of mind that the boys and I are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in our diets.

Allred Bees honey

This is BY FAR the best tasting honey I have ever put on my tongue! And the whole Allred family is awesome! They live on a farm in Wildwood, MO where there are lots of yummy flowers for the bees to feed from. They keep bees because they love to do it. They don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Their honey is made mostly by hand in small batches so I know that I am always getting a quality product.

  The Allred Family

The Allred Family

I love this product because it’s delicious, simple and unique and so easy to use!! These delectable concoctions are made from minced garlic blended with fresh spices and seasonings and come in a variety of flavors. I love the Lemon Zest on roasted vegetables, seafood and chicken, the Sweet & Smoky is my go-to salmon rub and I use the Tuscan in Italian dishes and pastas. You can order their seasonings online OR take a field trip to their store in old town Wentzville, MO if you want to be transported to simpler times for an afternoon. They have an old time soda shop where they offer over 100 flavors of soda, a nostalgic candy store, coffee and tea bar, breakfast and lunch, pastries, desserts, Missouri gifts, and of course, Ellbee’s garlic seasonings!

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

This short book is an easy read that gives us a roadmap to true happiness in four simple lessons. Its insightful and worth the read.

We all have agreements with ourselves about who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. Staying true to the agreements we have made with ourselves is the only way to experience true joy and fulfillment. Staying true to ourselves takes strength and courage when we are faced with adversity, which robs us of living the lives of our dreams.

Ruiz’s four agreements which will lead to true happiness:

What’s fueling your soul this season? We’d love to hear about it! Share with us on Facebook and Instagram to keep the conversation going.

Surviving Back to School Season - Healthy Tips

Alicia Underwood


The Coconut Kitchen Tribe knows all about carpools, soccer games, recitals, and the snacks that go in between. Balancing “Back to School” season, and the day to day tasks of parenthood while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not easy- but it’s possible. Let’s go ahead and say that again for the folks in the back.

Making your family’s health a priority is possible- and it doesn’t have to take up all of your spare time. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite healthy living tips for surviving back to school season.


The idea of meal prepping can be daunting for many. Buying bulk groceries, hours of cooking, sorting, planning, measuring, storing… it feels like you’re staring at the peak of the mountain from the valley below. But, we assure you, with the right list and organization meal prep can save you loads of time throughout the week. Make a batch of flavorful soup that you can enjoy throughout the week and a handful of easy homemade snacks. Taking the time to prep ahead can keep you from hitting the drive thru on the way to your next errand.


It might be tempting to take your child to every after-school event; signing them up for flute lessons, swimming, scouts, science club, plays and camp will lead to burn out for you both! Instead focus on a few of their favorites and plan accordingly - when one sport ends three more opportunities will begin. We love making a batch of Coconut Butter Energy Bars for throwing in lunch bags and keeping in our purse throughout the week. Bonus: they’re made with your glycemic index in mind - so you don’t feel a surge of sugar after you eat them!


Make time for downtime. It can be hard to gather everyone at the same time for a meal every day but growing families need time together. Plan one special weekly event and let everyone take turns choosing the special time’s activity. You can enjoy quality time together right in your backyard. Plan a “camp out” outdoors, schedule family game night, or make time for everyone to get together and watch a classic movie. Get moving together! Taking nature walks, hikes, and bike rides together is a healthy way to spend time together. [Plus enjoying exercise together frees up more time later when you’d normally be hitting the treadmill.]


More and more research is showing the benefits of limiting screen time for you - and your kiddos! Does your family have a rule about screen time? We love chore charts that have been implemented to “earn” screen time or wifi passwords and having “screen-free zones” in your home [like the kitchen table!]

Whether you’ve got a Kindergartener that has been anxiously anticipating their first day, or you’re a seasoned survivor with a Senior in highschool - you’ve got this, Mom and Dad. Share what’s working for your family with us in the comments.

Angie's Pantry

Alicia Underwood

Yes, we’re passionate about the delicious range of coconut butters we create!  We’ve learned that a life of true satisfaction is about more than just the food we eat. It is about our relationships and what we can learn from one another, what we do to help others and the way we think and perceive the world and others. We gain strength by surrounding ourselves with others who share similar beliefs are on the same journey, which is why we feel so fortunate to be building a Tribe of like-minded people who want to share this journey with us.

Angie’s Pantry is stocked full of food for your mind, body, and soul.


Angie’s Pantry was created to be a place to share things that inspire us. We’ll talk about the inspirational reads from trail-blazing thought leaders, the foods we love and the products that make our lives a little easier.  

This month’s pantry picks…

Kind’s Roasted Jalapeno Bars

For our first pantry selection - we’re sharing what we’ve been craving most (beyond the butter- of course). A healthful on-the-go treat that’s savory and oh, so yummy! You can find these bars in the pantry - and in Angie’s purse, her car and desk drawer, too!

We like to keep sugar at the minimum here so it’s no wonder why Angie loves these!

In Angie’s words:

“I love to keep bars on hand for those times when I’m starving and need something to eat fast but most bars are loaded with sugar. I have been living Keto-esque since 2013 and its difficult to find ready to eat snacks that aren’t full of a lot of junk.  These bars are a staple in my pantry because they are the perfect mix of sweet and spicy and they only have 6g of sugar per bar!”

Yes, this snack suggestion is certainly craveable - but what about food for your soul? We’ve got you covered with our cupboard!

The Power of Positivity

In Angie’s words:

"I stumbled upon the Power of Positivity when I was going through a particularly difficult situation personally that seemed to have no end. I was trying to stay on the high road and it felt like I was getting beaten down over and over and doing the right thing was not panning out. Adding the Power of Positivity became my morning ritual. Their daily newsletter (the ONLY one I subscribe to) has given me some great insights (or at least things to consider) about life & relationships and addresses a whole variety of topics that are both educational and inspiring. It’s easy and fun to read and keeps me pushing forward on my journey to living a life that I can be proud of."


So, what’s in your pantry, friends? We want to know what you’re currently living for! In the digital world that we live in it’s a blessing that we can share so freely with one another. We look forward to learning from each other, encouraging our friends in the Coconut Kitchen Tribe, and savoring every last delicious morsel.