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Join Our Tribe!

Alicia Underwood


Life’s better when it’s shared with friends.

We believe that!

Making healthy decisions and staying active isn’t a trend.

It’s a lifestyle!

Actively working towards your goals makes every day shine a bit brighter.

We’re motivated by one another!

If you’re into foodie finds + fitness + fun you might be interested in joining our Coconut Kitchen Tribe. But- we’re looking for more than just sharing posts + blogs about how delicious our coconut butters are (because, ahem, they are pretty tasty, aren’t they?!) We’re looking for new friends who can enrich our lives and the lives of others by being a part of a community that’s INSPIRED!


Do Your Share Our Tribe Values?


  • We believe in creating a meaningful, authentic, and welcoming community for those who believe in the wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

  • We believe that you need to indulge in your health to begin healing from within.

  • We believe that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Take it slow and steady, and you’ll win the race.

  • We believe in growing from our mistakes as we continue to seek ways in creating ourselves whole.

  • Last but not least, we believe that giving ourselves a break is the beginning to a new journey.

We value one another. We look forward to starting a new day that’s filled with possibilities. Creating fresh content to share with our friends is just one more thing that brings us joy. Whether you’ve read something recently that has really inspired you, you’re trying out a new hot yoga class, or you’ve fed your family a delicious new dish- if it feeds your soul we want to hear about it!

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Receive TRIBEPerks


  • Get EXCLUSIVE ambassador swag

  • Earn commission and free products

  • Get wholesale pricing on all products for personal use through our Ambassador-only web links

  • Get personalized discount codes to share with your followers

  • Receive mentions on Facebook + Instagram

  • Get a customized ambassador profile on our website with links to your blog or social media pages

  • Exclusive access to products in development and a chance share your feedback and vote on your favorites!

It’s more than just swag bags, savings, and @mentions now and again - it’s being a part of a family. Becoming part of the Coconut Kitchen Tribe gives you one more place to call home. Sure, the perks are nice (and tasty- too!) but sometimes the reward is in the journey.

Grow Your Reach

Expand your social following and reach through meaningful content creation, curation, and delicious endeavors! Engage with the world on behalf of the tribe to share the #CoconutIt love!

If you’re already the queen of “hearts” on Instagram, or the lord of likes on Facebook - you probably know a thing or two about reach and impressions. Keeping an engaged community connected with what you’re up to every day can be hard work! That’s why we love to share our journey of health together. Connecting with like-minded influencers like you as part of the Coconut Kitchen Tribe is a great way to continue to grow your reach online.

Apply to become a part of the tribe today! We’re accepting applications for new ambassadors throughout the United States now and we’d love to hear from you.

Spread Spoon Drizzle

Jeni Maxwell

Spread Sppon Drizzle Postcard 6-2017.jpg

We hear it over and over again. Customers tell us, "I am so addicted to your coconut butter! I can't stop adding it to everything!" We hear ya. And we have to give the credit back to the coconut butter for its amazing ability to change from creamy spread to liquid love to solid bites of sweetness. 

With just a slight change of temperature, coconut butter is ready to do what you need to enhance your meal. We promise just 15 seconds in the microwave or a couple minutes in the fridge or even freezer and its ready for action. It makes us so happy to be able to add the flavor and all the benefits of eating this superfood to so many dishes. 

We begin with the art of the drizzle. As a liquid, your coconut butter can join flavor-packed forces with other foods. Stir it right into your oatmeal for added sweetness and fuller flavor. Blend it into brownie batter or other baked goods. Drizzle it over a plate of fruit or nuts then cool for a magic shell effect. 

Sometimes, it works to simply spoon some coconut butter right out of the jar and into your dish of choice. Plop a dollop into your coffee, yogurt or our very favorite, the smoothie. From there it may harden, melt or when added as the last smoothie ingredient, just pulse a few times and you will experience the added bliss of chewy bits through the straw. There is something so satisfying about sinking your teeth and chewing into food. Nibbles of coconut butter truly elevate the everyday smoothie. 

Finally, grab that knife and when the coconut butter is right at about 75 degrees, it is this creamy goodness that has an amazingly smooth mouth-feel and is a perfect match for toast, pancakes, waffles, you name it. What better option than the usual jelly or peanut butter that have all the sugar and fats that fail to bring the benefits that coconut has to offer. 

Basically there are no rules when it comes to coconut butter. Just a little temperature adjustment and maybe a stir and you are ready to give your taste buds an amazing treat!

Be well and enjoy!